Analog vs Digital Visual Planning Story 1


– Have you seen the New Analog Visual Planning board in the hall? We are asked by the PMO manager last month to update our status with small red/yellow or green magnets. (Technical PM)

– Wow, so you are going Lean now in your Project Driven Organisation (PDO)? That is great to hear!(Guest)

– Well…I do not know….it is just the magnets we are supposed to flip there…we are still required to fill in the Master Excel Spreadsheet on the PMO file share with the overall status and the details as well as sending in the Powerpoint Status Report every second week. We also have a web based dashboard application on our intranet where we are supposed to fill in the status monthly….(Technical PM).

– So you now got a fourth place to keep updated? (Guest)

_ Yeah…(technical PM)

– That doesn´t sound very Lean…You need to be a bit Agile though now since you need to leave your chair once a month to flip the magnets, your project is on top of the board (guest with a laugh)  😉

– Haha! Got me there… (Tech PM)

– So what other way-of-work do you use with the board? (Guest)

– Nothing. So far…(Tech PM)

-….not even stand-up meetings like in Scrum? (Guest)

– No, it is no use since we have three sites….we are almost never here at the same time…(Tech PM)

– So how are PMs from other sites flipping the magnets every second week? (Guest)

– Well, since we anyway have a large travelling budget, other site-PMs are supposed to flip the magnets when they are here and pass the board….or….I have heard some are just calling the admins that flip the magnets for them…So, I actually tried to send an email to the PMO admin and they flipped my magnet too! So now I can be that Un-Agile Office Couch Potato again! (with a laugh, Tech PM)

– Wow. Wonder how the PMO got this idea…why didn´t they just buy one of those large displays and put the web dashboard on display? I saw you had one of those displays in the break room with some corp information displaying? (Guest)

– Yeah, what do I know….that was maybe too simple? (Tech PM)