How Blockchain can support Customer-Vendor-Subvendor handshakes within Contract Project Management


Yes, we know that the blockbuster hype work Blockchain might could be seen as something far off in the future. But thinking about it, we think it will support delivery chains within Project Management!

Blockchain is probably one of these Hype-words that we all think will become something really great in a while, and it won´t be something for me, my portfolio, my program or projects in a while. After viewing this hysterically great little animated video from Microsoft, I started to think about practical uses even in our universe of Project Management practices. And I got surprised over how many similar situations we all encounter in our daily project lives where we struggle to fulfill daily chores with coordination of deliveries etc. Let’s find a few great uses of Blockchain in our Project Lives!:
1.       Handshaking of contact deliverables and their status and completion within contract projects. We all know how we struggle with distributing, linking and tracking contractual deliverables in subcontractor chains across multiple projects using multiple different solutions.
2.       Managing financial release, hold, and pay status based on deliverables completion status between vendors-customers.
3.       Managing hire-release procedures of teams for software or engineering chores in projects between our portfolio of delivery projects as well as internal resource base
4.       Loan in/out of resources across divisions/departments in larger companies.

So, are we Blockchain prepared or even Blockchain ready with the Microsoft Tools for Portfolio, Resource, Programme and Project Management?  I will get back shortly around this, so stay tuned and be careful out there!
The animated guide to blockchain by Microsoft.

Magnus Holmlid