Developing Your Organization’s Agile Coaching Capability – Lyssa Adkins event at Visuell Planering



Developing Your Organization’s Agile Coaching Capability 

We are coming up on this year’s major event, Passion for Projects, for Project Enthusiasts and fellow project managers. This year’s event will be held 12-13th of March in Gothenburg. In line with this year’s theme – Agile –there was a seminar hosted by PMI and Visuell Planering in Stockholm with Lyssa Adkins ‘Developing Your Organization’s Agile Coaching Capability’.  A few notes from a very interesting evening at a fully booked event.

Developing Your Organization’s Agile Coaching Capability

Lyssa Adkins went through the most important techniques to help organizations implement agile management. One of the most important things Lyssa Adkins pointed out is the importance of making sure that the agile practice is implemented on all levels of management, included but not limited to the team members that must work by the agile manifesto on a daily basis.  

Not only for a successful implementation, but also for a sustainable work practice, it is important for all involved to understand the agile manifesto. To successfully become an agile team is for all to understand the what and why of all parts of the agile manifesto, e.g. retrospective and sprint planning.  

How does an organization successfully implement agile? The latest report from Version One highlights the importance of having internal agile coaches. The agile coach’s job is to make sure the team and management understand agile roles. Agile kicks of transformation whether the organization is ready for it or not. Thus, the agile coach must be able to mentor key roles, develop teams and advise managers. In time, an internal agile coach will help the organization be more competent with the agile practice.  

For the agile coach, one of the challenges is being asked to step outside their role and can have a hard time making an organization understand the organizations responsibilities to all involved.



To learn more of how agile can be implemented theoretically and practically within your organization, make sure you attend this years Passion for Project.  

And we hope you will listen to our presentation: Something old, something new, something blue- Driving agility through rapid innovation and iterativ delivery  and stop by our table, so we can show you the latest digital hardware and software for successful project management.  

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