Från organiserad idéhantering till riktiga projekt med Project Online och edison365


Välkommen till ett lunchsseminarium med tema:
Something old, something new, something blue – Driving agility through rapid innovation and iterative delivery

Many projects and resource driven organizations today struggles with making agile and traditional deliveries better together.
In this seminar we will guide you through an integrated approach to the Project Journey, making the most out of combining iterative and agile way-of-work all the way from ideation to benefit realization.

  • How can ideation together with a more agile Project Portfolio Journey empower the workforce to better meet the needs of clients?
  • How can ideas be crowdsourced and then turned into deliverable projects in an agile portfolio flow?
  • How can project and agile/lean/pulse deliveries be better together than each one on their own?

Listen to customer cases from automotive, mining and retail. The technical platform for all the customers is Edison365 built on Microsoft Office 365.

Magnus Holmlid, VD, Visuell Planering.
Ivan Lloyd, VD CPS

Seminariet är en modifierad repris av ett av de seminarium som vi håller på Passion for Projects dagen innan.


Lunchsallad from 11.30.  Seminarium 12.00-13.00.

Varmt välkommen!
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