Microsoft announces Public Sites in O365 will change….


Already early this autumn there was a certain sound in the air indicating something was on its way regarding the public webistes in O365.

Now it is official that MS will change the support for the Sharepoint based websites in MS O365. See eg this page:

The question is what will come instead? Micorosft points out that more information will be revealed in January 2015….

MS is discussing third party vendor offerings, an interesting question is what that will be:

An azure based Public Sharpeoint offering?
A specific deal on a MS partner offering on Sharpeoint or Yammer?
Cooperation with a completely external party similar to the DropBox cooperation?
A purchase of an external vendor, like WordPress? (Not likely since speaking on third party vendors).

This will be really interesting and well worth following!

The public websites based on Sharepoint in O365 have sort of been a little limited at least if you are experienced in Sharepoint for intranets.

So we will be sitting steady in the boat with our Public Sharpeoint sites until we know what is coming around the next riverbend!

Merry Christmas!