MS planning focus is awesome!


Microsoft revealed their O365 Planner tool yesterday. You can read more here: O365 Planner. This tool enables management of team work and personal work in one place with board planning support through an interactive and collaborative interface.

Earlier this year MIcrosoft purchased Wunderlist with its straightforward, intuitive and collaborative List Management features for indivudals and teams. Read more on Wunderlist here: Wunderlist

Microsoft Delve that compiles a ”world around me” view of work, relations and collaborations was released approximately a year ago and are amazing me with some great work and project information management insights. Read more on Delve here: Delve

Project Online and Sharepoint Online have enabled small as well as large organisations to provide for great project collaboration, governance of projects, programs and portfolios as well as providing the basis for resource,  risk and change management. All available in the cloud! You can read more on Prrject Online and Sharepoint Online here: Project Online

I am superhappy to see that these digital work and task management tools are made available to us.

One of the largest challenges are to thrill us all in having a digital workplace where we can interact and collaborate seamlessly across different workloads, private, sparetime, social and company-wide. In my opinion Micorosft is today on a good way to provide this and to rightsize the tools based on situation and user!

I am really looking forward to participate and make work work better with the help of Microsofts O365 platform!

Lets make it work!