Work in Online Motion – Speedying up with Project Online


When more and more users are getting onboarded in Microsoft Office 365 and Project Online, it is getting more and more important to make sure that the user experience is the same both within and outside the corporate network.

As a travelling Project manager you might be the first one to experience this – lightning fast access to Project Online over your 4g+ mobile access and sluggish, maybe even sloooow, when you embarked on the office cubicle and starts your MS Online session from within the corporate network.

We are ourselves using this a a simple measurement criteria during our onboarding process with new clients:

1. Start two corporate computers, one with mobile network access, the other one with LAN access

2. Measure the same operations

3. Analyze the results.

The result is often that the internal LAN is significantly more sluggish than accessing Project Online over the 4g+ network.

This is where you really want to have a great relationship with your internal IT department to find out where in the LAN/WAN optimizations can be done to secure a fantastic experience when swithcing to Online work! Their expertize in LAN and WAN setup and optimization is here crucial for success!

Also, you might expect that many IT departments might come up with some setup that will actually *slow down* your mobile access speed to make sure that you are working as safely and protected over your mobile phone as from within the corporate network.

A great tip for your IT  is to work closely  together with your Microsoft Account Technical Specialist to make sure to coordinate all efforts.

These MS Speed-resources have great tools and products that can make O365 and Project Online as if they where a part of your corporate WAN that might speed things up!